The Effects Of Alcohol On A Person With Addictions Essay example

The Effects Of Alcohol On A Person With Addictions Essay example

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The aim of this assignment is to explore missed opportunities and to enhance support offered to a person with addictions. This essay will concentrate on alcohol dependence and misuse with the emphasis on brief intervention and referral on to specialist services to begin the road to recovery.
The Word Health Organisation attributed alcohol misuse to a staggering 2.5 million deaths world wide and as a result of this, rating alcohol the third contributer of disease to the human race (World Health Organisation 2010). Notably in 2014 there were 8,697 deaths in the United Kingdom which were alcohol related and Scotland having the highest cases (Statistics 2016).
Alcohol characteristics effects are seen in the way it affect behaviour and memory which is also a sign of illicit substances misuse but, culturally alcohol is not seen as a drug (Seligman et al 2001). In large doses it gives a similar effect on the brain as sedative medications of either prescribed or illicit, acting as a depressant on the central nervous system (Matthew et al 2012). Excess alcohol can play a major role in dysfunctional social conduct with an increase in violent behaviour and decrease in the ability of an intoxicated person to be aware of risk (Bruce et al 2011). However Purnell & Foster (2008) on the other hand found that there was evidence in fact to show that violence is not a by product of alcohol but an action that is learned. With that said there is no doubt about alcohol having an effect upon inhibitions, labile emotions and control (Donnelly et al 2013). Having said that it is well documented in research papers the results of alcohol intoxication and trauma requiring emergency department visits, with intoxication in one form or another acco...

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...s as great a problem. Opening the return appointments to all attenders to the accident and emergency department who were intoxicated was not sustainable with such a small team. There was also the problem of referrals being made that the clinician could have made directly to the agency or the patient could have been given information to self refer. Most people are capable of taking some responsibility for their own actions (Scottish Government 2006), and given the information to make informed choices are capible of following through the act of seeking help. The team take part in providing training for the emergency department twice yearly as well as induction traing for new junior doctors, these times would be ideal to provide more knowledge of local resorces, referral criteria and education on alcohol addiction and misuse.


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