How Alcohol Affect Your Life Essay

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How can alcohol affect your life? Alcohol is bad for everyone because it leads to health problems, affects the people you love, and can also ruin your life. Well, first off alcohol is one of the leading cause of death while driving and you very fortunate if the cops catch you drunk driving. Alcohol can turn you into something that you are not. I mean it totally changes you after a while like for an instance your personality, the way you think, your attitude, etc. When drinking alcohol will drastically change your life because you can end up pushing the people you love anyway. Some people also drink for a reason, almost like their drinking their problems away and it’s like they are drinking away all that glity, sorrow, and pain for something that…show more content…
Many people that are alcoholics generally encounter heart attacks and liver disease. When you start to encounter a heart attack you will suddenly start to feel agony in your heart. Heart attacks can be threatening because it will cause you to suffer so much pain and the pain doesn’t go away even when you are resting and taking medicine. Heart attacks occurs when the coronary artery obtains a blood clots that clogs up the blood flow to the heart which cause the muscles in the heart to weaken and eventually causes the heart fail. Now when you encounter liver disease you are rolling toward a world of trouble you will start to lose weight, lose energy, and ect but it can get worst. Some alcoholics get the liver disease after many years of heavily consuming alcohol. Alcoholics can also encounter cancer in mouth & throat but not many alcoholics develop cancer from heavy drinking, it develop most when you smoke acreage of tobacco. Cancer in the throat is basically when the cells in your throat develops a genetic mutation. Cancer in the mouth is when the cells in your lips have a genetic
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