Essay On The Effects Of Alcoholism

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Hunter Hardman
Alcoholism: The Effects on the Body
Alcoholism is a disease that describes an array of problems with alcohol. This disease is highly addictive and has many negative effects on the body. Alcohol affects almost every aspect of the body, including many vital organs, and deteriorates the health of long- term alcohol users.
Alcohol has harmful effects on the brain by interfering with the brains pathways. The consumption of alcohol can affect how the brain works, which can cause a change in the behavior and even the mood of a person. It also largely affects the coordination and long term memory of a user. Alcohol acts as a depressant and therefore slows down the rate of brain functions. The heart is at risk for damage as well. Alcohol can cause cardiomyopathy, which is the stretching of heart muscles or Arrhythmias which causes an irregular heartbeat. Because the heart takes such a toll when dealing with alcoholism there is an increased risk of stroke and high blood pressure. The pancreas is also at risk of damage, for instance the production of toxic substanc...
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