Essay on The Effective Video Marketing Of Procter And Gamble

Essay on The Effective Video Marketing Of Procter And Gamble

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Procter and Gamble has produced one of the most successful and award winning advertising campaigns in history. The effective video marketing of “Thank You Mom” created powerful emotions in viewers, which resulted in increased market share for the organization. Procter and Gamble research revealed that women, once become mothers, had increased appreciation for their own mothers, specifically 48% with appreciation for empathy and 52% with appreciation for her emotional strength (Procter and Gamble 2016 Fiscal Highlights). What has made the campaign the most effective is the elements of continuing stories, videos marketed on social media, and strong emotional connection with the target audience of household mothers. By updating the basic ideas of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Procter and Gamble continued with a successful marketing campaign with a much smaller family brand that has been decreased from 300 to 65 brands, which make up about 95% of Procter and Gamble profit (Bhasin). Bounty, Gillette, Pampers, Tide and Pantene are all brands that have been used in the marketing mix. Results from research regarding use of digital technology helped drive the innovation of the campaign. Across the globe, about one half of people’s media viewing time is digital (Dan). Changed media viewing has been combined with an established family brand.
All of the campaign products are still in stage two of the product life cycle and are growing within the market. This campaign is clearly aligned with the four identified goals of balanced growth, which includes “accelerating top-line growth” (Procter and Gamble 2016 Fiscal Highlights). The warm fuzzies created by the emotional videos also increased shareholder return. Strengths of the organizati...

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... company did not just connect with a global event, this marketing campaign, which is estimated to have generated over $500 million in sales, has even been called a model global campaign; “The brand building answer is to find driving ideas in the form of human values that are universal” (Aaaker). Procter and Gamble research had revealed that 91% of mothers want children to know and feel the impact of their parenting (Strong Moms Inspire Latest P&G “Thank You, Mom” Campaign). This advertising campaign effectively connected with that deep desire, hope, maybe even fear within every mother and to be able to hear grown children express thanks and to see the images of competition and love combined together has resulted in a social media campaign which continues to connect with existing customers as well as reaching new customers in the target group. Everybody has a mother.

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