Brand Management Strategy Of Procter & Gamble

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The objective and aim of this paper is to provide details on the proposed solutions and interventions that will improve the brand management strategy of Procter & Gamble, given the concerns raised in the first paper. As a result of the diversifying consumer needs and increased competition, the product centric method of P&G might change its brand management approach from product promotion to driving up consumer value perception and changing brand portfolios in order to increase the level of consumer loyalty and traction on P&G products (Di Somma, “Why Brand Management will replace Marketing”). The format of this paper is designed to discuss the identified issues and challenges in the area of P&G brand management while also providing solutions…show more content…
Through in-store advertising P&G brand managers can apply the concept of the associative network memory model in order to develop and strengthen the association between certain consumer products and the P&G brand. This means that every time a consumer enters a store, they remember the P&G brand. Shifting the advertising initiatives from traditional forms of media to in-store advertising can help develop a certain level of awareness and connection to directly to shoppers or consumers that but consumer goods across various stores and…show more content…
P&G’s brand management initiatives should not just consider its brand image as a significant factor towards attracting new international markets. In order to develop and maintain its brand image across diverse economies and international markets, companies should consider rationalizing its product line based on how it fits the needs and expectation of a target market or location (Brujo, “Keys to managing an international brand: How to create a global brand”). This points out that in order for P&G to maintain its market share especially in developing markets and international region, it should conceptualize its branding based on the needs and expectations of the target

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