Effective And Unique Care Within Nursing Practice Essay

Effective And Unique Care Within Nursing Practice Essay

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Person centred care, is in essence, one of the most important and significant aspects in delivering effective and unique care within nursing practice. The phrase has been embedded within healthcare practice with individuals somewhat understanding the components of its meaning yet not quite comprehending how to express the concept when delivering care. With its prevalence comes a need for it to be better understood in order for effective practice to occur and for this reason it has become a prominent focus point for various academics. Brendan McCormack and Tanya McCance acknowledged person centred care to have a primary focus on traits including therapeutic relationships; individuality; human rights and the promotion of autonomy so that individuals are supported and have the opportunity to lead life to their full potential (McCormack and McCance,2006).
The principle of person centred care can be seen within the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Code of conduct 2015 which establishes a set of standards of professional duty that is required by all nurses and midwives, to provide sufficient care to people/patients that require it. It secures people’s rights, decisions and choices during their care (Thompson, 2006). Although the Nursing and midwifery code is centred on governing the expected behaviour and attitudes of registered professionals, it goes far beyond the daily practice of nurses and midwives with regards to its importance and need in integrating person centeredness in any form practice. There are various fundamental principles outlined within the nursing and midwifery code which fall under four primary categories; Prioritising People, Practising Effectively, Preserving Safety and Promoting professionalism and trust (NMC 2015...

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...gnity and respect, the patients begin to feel a sense of autonomy and control of their own life. They tend to feel more valued as an individual and become much more confident when they feel the need to express their views regarding care or to raise any concerns which they may have. The uniqueness and intrinsic value of the individual person is acknowledged and each person is treated with respect.
The goal of effective high-quality, person centred care is to improve quality of life for the patient and their family, by increasing comfort, promoting dignity and providing a support system to the patient and those close to them. Nursing staff must encompass an understanding that treating patients with dignity is a key part in helping individuals to cope and manage in retrospect to their illness or condition and promote a positive attitude within a positive environment.

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