Providing Quality Care for Patients with Dementia

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Jeon Y.H. et al.(2012) told that There is an increase demand for care and help services knowledgeable aged care workers due to the increased cases of dementia. Staff should have proper knowledge of dementia and should be properly trained before providing care to the residents suffering from dementia. Banner et al (2009 as cited in Lee al.2012) focussed that attitudes of care staff with the residents suffering from dementia matters because their attitudes shows in the way they react with residents in their routine work. .
After diagnosing with dementia the individuals suffering from dementia, their family members may involve with the staff in different aged care facilities. Staff should have knowledge like assessment of individual suffering from dementiamake a care plan,help the individual in their daily activities. Collaboration of staff is necessary in residential facility to provide better care to the individuals suffering from dementia.
Staff should be able to identify the most common signs and symptoms of dementia that can be different between individuals like memory loss, forgetfulness, inability to focus and pay attention, or various behavioural symptoms associated with dementia. Care plan should be made by staff for residents in advance. As Jeon Y.H. et al.(2012) told that ,” The association of some resident behaviours with staff burnout , stress and turnover indicates the need for a more effective model of dementia care” (John Y.H.. et al.2012, pp.510). I also recommend that staff should be able to adopt a model in the facility that is person centred care.. Jeon al. (2012) told that Person centred care models start with education and training of staff on the strategies of person centred care ...

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