Essay on Discrimination And Sexual Harassment Policy

Essay on Discrimination And Sexual Harassment Policy

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According to the company’s sexual harassment policy, entitled “Executive Policy 15,” anyone, including “all students, faculty, staff, and others” associated with the company in any shape or form, are protected by this policy. This policy is enacted in order to fulfill the company’s expectations for an “environment of trust and respect in all that we do, which includes, a workplace that is devoted and proactive to prevent and address all forms of sexual harassment. The company argues that freedom of speech, as preserved in the first amendment, does not protect against any sexually harassing “expression, nor “inquiry” and guarantees full and proper interventions will be made in situations when Executive Policy 15 may have been violated. In this policy, discriminatory sexual harassment is defined as any inappropriate behavior or interaction directed towards another, based on a person’s sex or gender, such as nonconsensual physical acts or verbal remarks. This type of harassment is “sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive,” and thus, often results in hostile or unproductive working environments.

Quid pro quo harassment usually occurs in the workplace by a person in power who abuses their authority by promising or blackmailing the harassed to submit to the harassment. This prevents them from reporting their abuse, often in exchange for promotion, benefits, or simply to avoid being fired or to avoid making the work environment even more hostile and uncomfortable. The textbook defines this type of harassment as “someone with less power must submit to sexual advances to obtain something,” leaving the victims even more powerless (Matlin, 2012, pg. 419). These conditions are broken into two different categories and include “submissio...

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...or physical contact. The parties’ employment positions may also be altered, in order to “minimize unnecessary or unreasonable burdens on either party.” However, these actions are not to interfere with the complainant 's ability to further continue their job and other necessary duties. While the company seeks the consent of the complainant to proceed with investigations of the alleged incidents, the participation of all parties involved are not always necessary, especially when there have been multiple reports of similar incidents. When parties decline to cooperate with the investigation, the company will attempt to extend the investigation for as long as possible. In most situations, both parties are eventually notified in written format of the final outcomes of the investigation by the OEO, allowing them the opportunity to appeal the results or respond accordingly.

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