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    Maslow¡¯s hierarchy of needs theory Abraham Maslow is known for establishing the theory of a hierarchy of needs, writing that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs, and that certain lower needs need to be satisfied before higher needs can be satisfied. According to Maslow, there are general types of needs (physiological, safety, love, and esteem) that must be satisfied before a person can act unselfishly. He called these needs "deficiency needs." As long as we are motivated to satisfy these

  • Donald Trump-Super Supervisor

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    Donald Trump-Super Supervisor What makes a person a good business leader? A popular consensus seems to be that a good leader is able to not only understand each employee’s needs and abilities, but also motivate and empower that employee to use his abilities to the full. This requires that a leader take the time to understand the employee and to develop him to his full potential. In addition, a group of Fortune 500 executives stated that they “value…flexibility..., and communication skills” (Terry

  • Difference Between Supervisor And Supervisor

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    element where the supervisor and employee interact. Leaders do not always have oversight responsibilities for the performance of others. Supervisors, by definition, do have subordinates and typically have responsibilities to help them set goals, develop and ultimately achieve those goals. Management concepts of leadership and supervising have many similarities, but some important differences exist. In general, you can lead in many ways without being a supervisor, but good supervisors often have good

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    Performance appraisals are conducted yearly for each staff employee. Semiannual or quarterly reviews are recommended to foster better communication between supervisors and employees in assessing progress, jointly developing new plans and objectives, and clarifying expectations for the coming year. This process is designed to improve job understanding, promote more effective job performance, and establish future goals for career growth. Some goals of the performance appraisals are to provide staff

  • Determinin Effective Orientation And Training Methods

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    Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods Being a training supervisor for a large local retail company. Giving the orientation and training is truly important to our employees. This is an on going process. The company has seven department stores locally in the city. As the training supervisor there will be a three-day orientation and training program for a new salesclerk. There will be an outline of the specific subjects that will be covered. Techniques showing how the new salesclerk

  • Psychiatric hospitals

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    the physician and a physician’s order to change the start day if indicated. The pharmacist is then to notify the unit of such communication and order. 3.     After Pharmacy Hours a.     The RN is to notify the home supervisor of non formulary medication orders b.     The supervisor is to call the pharmacist on call and a decision made collaboratively as follows i.     Pharmacist will call SW hospital for medication and arrange for pickup ii.     Pharmacist will deliver where the first dose has to

  • How to Implement Total Quality Management in Strong Cultures: Alignment or Saturation?

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    affects these decisions. San Juan, like many South American communities, perceives status by the level of respect one receives. Part of that respect and status comes from a person's position or perceived position in the community. This means for a supervisor to give up authority to subordinates in the decision process is something that most are unwilling to do. This makes them seem weak and possibly diminished in status. Although the TQM process is for the good of all through improved processes and

  • Schlotzsky's Deli Changed My Life

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    completely different personalities that I needed to adjust too. We had a difficult time with one particular employee who happened to be a supervisor. I had a lot of problems with her becaus... ... middle of paper ... ...p me in the Medical field because usually a Medical assistant who has been in an office for a longer period of time than another is usually the 'supervisor'. Working at Schlotzsky's Deli was a good learning experience for me. Everything that I have learned or problems I have had to

  • Downsizing

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    Management: Leading People and Organizations in the 21st Century, defines downsizing as “Dramatically reducing the size of a company’s workforce.” (Dessler, 2001). All of the supervisors and managers held a separate meeting on the downsizing concern, and included me in the meeting since I was a candidate for the open supervisor position. They assured me that my job was not in jeopardy, but also took the time to explain why they could not promote me due to the downsizing efforts that were going to be

  • Communication Process

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    definite purpose is, in fact, one of the principal differences between casual conversation and managerial communication. Effective communication in the organization centers on well-defined objectives that support the organization's goals and mission. Supervisors strive to achieve understanding among parties to their communications. Text Communication Process Communication is the process in which data is sent from a source to an intended audience with a meaning perceived by the receiver. Communication