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  • Instances of Mold

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    Instances of Mold Mold is a fungus that can be found in damp places like bathrooms and basements. Mold travels in the air as tiny spores. The spores find their way to a wet area. This is where the spores breed and grow. Effects of Mold on Human Health Great exposure to mold can cause a lot of health problems. Mold can effect the human health by causing allergies, infections, and toxicity. Those most at risk are infants and children, the elderly, pregnant women, allergy and asthma patients

  • On an Instance of Animal Semiosis

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    On an Instance of Animal Semiosis This purpose of this reflexive paper is to discuss the implications of an instance of semiosis in the animal world, in this instance, occurring with an animal, the dog, which has, it can be argued, throughout history reaped almost unique benefits (perhaps second only to the cat) by the virtue of its semiotic abilities and how they have allowed the animal to interact successfully with humans. Semiotics works in the animal world in a similar fashion as in the

  • How Hard Should the Test Instances Be in Instance-Specific Macro Learning?

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    Introduction During the instance-specific macro learning experiments [1], we faced a problem in which there was no significant difference between the perfect model and the other models / macro sets. I thought initially that learning in general is not useful. But then I realized that this problem was caused partially by the way I collect data. The test examples were so easy to capture any significant difference in performance between the models. So, we need to make the test instances harder to solve

  • Cause and Effect in David Hume’s An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

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    Understanding, David Hume states, “there is not, in any single, particular instance of cause and effect, any thing which can suggest the idea of power or necessary connexion” (Hume, 1993: 41). Hume establishes in section II that all ideas originate from impressions that employ the senses (11). Therefore, in order for there to be an idea of power or “necessary connexion,” there must be impressions of this connection present in single instances of cause and effect; if there are no such impressions, then there

  • Barn Burning: Sarty's Transformation Into Adulthood

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    thinking more for himself as the story progresses. Faulkner uses many instances to display the developing of Sarty's conscience as the theme of the story "Barn Burning." Three instances in which we can see the developing of a conscience in the story are the ways that Sarty compliments and admires his father, the language he uses when describing his father, and the way he obeys his father throughout the story. The first instance in which we can see a transition from childhood to adulthood in Sarty's

  • Essay About Love in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

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    that is not necessarily true in my opinion.  In many instances you read about what you would think is love among some of the characters like between Tom and Myrtle for example.  But with them and all the characters there are contradicting instances that say otherwise. With Tom and Myrtle, you assume he loves her because he is cheating on his wife to be with her.  But he also treats her bad at times both verbally and physically, for instance, when he slaps her for mouthing off and talks to her

  • Man's Inhumane Treatment of Men in Louis Sachar's Holes

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    are digging to uncover something for the warden: a treasure. In his attempt to uncover this treasure, Stanley observes and experiences the inhumanities that go on at Camp Green Lake. Sachar displays these everyday inhumanities in many different instances thr...

  • Free Hamlet Essays: Deception in Hamlet

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    Deception in Hamlet Deceit, misleading information, and spying on others can lead to their demise, intentionally or accidentally. The misleading and deceitful instances in the play are indirectly responsible for Hamlets’ death. Claudius misleads Hamlet when he shipped him off to England under the guise of a restful retreat and when he realizes that the new king has lied to not only him, but the people of Denmark about the death of the former king. Hamlets’ deceit comes from his mother, believing

  • All the President's Men

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    it was soon learned that President Richard M. Nixon of the USA, was involved and resigned after Woodward and Bernstein’s findings. Conversely, my two significant instances are, Woodward and Bernstein’s actions on their process of contacting the sources that were involved because they worked for the re-election committee. The other instance I chose is that of both Woodward and Bernstein intruding into the house of Mr. Sloan very late at night, a man well interacted with the political figures they were

  • Chapters 1- 6 of To Kill A Mockingbird

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    (Lee 9). Different types of prejudice are evident in this chapter. For instance, Scout refers to Walter as a “Cunningham”, and this automatically places him in the poor class (Lee 20). Miss Caroline displays prejudice towards Scout because she can read. Scout is singled out after she reads to the class, and Miss Caroline accuses her of her father teaching her how to read (Lee 17). It seems as though more serious types and instances of prejudice will develop as the story progresses. Atticus Finch is