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Difference Between Mainstream And Schools Essay example

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The difference between mainstream states schools are found in the way they are run by
the governing body and in how they are managed as well as how they are financed. Most of these
school are funded by the Local Education authority so are considered as maintained school, how
they obtain finances, fund and obtain resources is dependent on there “type― admissions policies, an the management of these are also dependent on the type of school.
There are a number of different types of schools in relation to educational stages and school governance such as state schools and independent schools. Educational stages consist of early yearâ€TMs stage, primary, secondary, higher and further education. All children between the ages of 5 and 16 years of age are entitled to a free place at a state school. After this college, university and training providers offer educational opportunities in order for the continuation of learning.
There are six different categories of schools such as:
Community Schools, these are run by the Local Education Authority. The support for community schools is through a network of community links. The LEA also provides support services for e.g. psychological and speciel educational needs as well as childcare and adult learning programmers. The LEA employs the school staff, owns the land and buildings, sets the entrance encashment area that decide which children are eligible for a place at the school and is responsible for school admissions. After this college, university and training providers offer educational opportunities in order for the continuation of learning.
Voluntary aided schools
There are two types of volunteer schools such as Voluntary controlled schools also known as faith schools and voluntary aided...

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...ey are paid a wage and provides them with necessary training in order to progress to employment or apprenticeships, which includes both a job or work placement.
The Local Authority is responsible for finding and making places available on schemes and courses. In order to ensure this is possible they need to have a good overview of the gaps and the availability of provisions in their area. The government does not consider it to be acceptable for a local authority to say there are not enough places available on courses to fulfill the requirements. It is also the job of the local authority to make information available to young people from the age of 13 years upwards to assist and support them to access training when the time comes.
l qualifications. The curriculum is designed by the academy, and employers also provide work
experience for the studentâ€TMs studying there.

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