How does autism affect the development of a child

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Autism usually occurs within the first three years of life, and drastically affects the development of a child. It is also the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United States (Autism Project, 2014). One out of eighty- eight children is diagnosed with Autism, and boys are five times more likely to be diagnosed (ASDS 2013). Many areas of development are affected by autism. This is a disease that disturbs the brains normal development of communication, social interaction, and sensory processing (Inc 2013).
One of the most exciting milestones for a parent to witness is the first words a child speaks. However children that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have difficulty speaking. Often times, speech is delayed which makes communication with the child difficult. The first thing that a child learns to do is cry. This is how they alert their parents or caregivers of what they need (Baby Center, 2014). At about six months of age, children will begin to use their tongues, palates, and newly emerging teeth to create sounds. This is there way of teaching themselves to talk. Unlike children who are developing normally, ASD children begin to repeat certain sounds over and over. Once the child is old enough to be able to speak and hold conversations, ASD is easily noticeable. The communication of a child with ASD is habitually rigid and repetitive (CDC, 2013). This can include things that they hear on a normal basis, like commercials or songs.
Uneven language development is one of the biggest red flags that indicate ASD. For example, a normal child consistently learns new words and continues to learn how to arrange them into cohesive statements, whereas a child with ASD learns a few words and then have long p...

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