Autism and Bullying

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Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills. Children usually develop this disorder a couple of months after they are born. Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior that is brought on by peers ranging from physical to mental abuse. Bullying is very common for school age children who are entering middle school for the first time. Both are hard to deal with separately, but imagine having to be dealing with both at the same time. Children with autism often get bullied because of their inability to sense social cues. “…Have trouble reading social cues, may display repetitive behaviors or restricted interests, and often have an intense need to adhere to certain schedules and rituals” (Goodwin). To most children that can be seen as annoying. Those kids who find it annoying will most likely act in an immature and hurtful way in attempt to let the autistic child know they are bothering them. “Children with autism don’t know how to tell “social lies”. The autistic child might come right out and say I don’t like you a...
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