Essay on The Developmental Stages Of Reading And Writing

Essay on The Developmental Stages Of Reading And Writing

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The developmental stages of reading and writing are important factors when planning lessons for such instruction. Lessons, which are too high or low increases frustration levels in all students whether they are a struggling student or in the gifted range. Students will not make progress if they are working at a frustration level stated Dr. Bear (Laureate Production, Inc. 2014c). Once this occurs, the motivation to learn begins to slow down giving birth to misbehavior. Stopping the disruptive behavior not teaching becomes the focus in the classroom, thus wasting valuable instructional time. The catalyst of the inappropriate behavior stems from the lesson itself. Teachers must provide instruction and activities at the appropriate learning level for students. Herold (2014) claimed instructors should provide personalized instruction at all levels. Gathering information for multi-level instruction involves educators collecting skill knowledge from their students through assessments or informal reading inventories.
Several assessments I used to collect my learner’s skill knowledge allowed me to understand my fourth grade literacy learner, known as Student “D,” even better. Having past conversations with her highlighted her verbal skills as she is quite comfortable engaging in conversations with peers as well as adults. I wanted to know if her reading fluency matched her verbal skills, so a Dibels Oral Reading Fluency test was administered. This multi-faceted tool would inform me about my literacy learner 's skill strength of fluency, is less time consuming and produces data about fluency and comprehension through retelling of the read passage. Reis and Boeve (2009) added fluency and comprehension are closely related, thus individuali...

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...l, monitoring of her progress may take the form of a variety of assessments. These may include samples of work, a shared reading experience, or administering my favorite benchmark assessment, Dibels at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to track progress and confirm none has been lost. This should not occur as long as future instructors know her instructional level by gathering data through assessments or informal reading inventories. Manzo and Manzo (2013) asserted informal reading inventories are time tested flexible tools used for individualized purposes. Using a student’s strength to improve weak skills increases the chance for success, which is the ultimate motivator. I hope that my actions will indicate to her the importance of literacy learning and the insightful knowledge it brings in hopes she will continue on her path of becoming a lifetime reader.

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