Analysis Of The Honeybee Man By Lela Nargi

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The teacher will introduce the book, The Honeybee Man by Lela Nargi and she will ask the class about what they think the book will be about based on the illustrations.
Students will engage in a discussion of honeybees and they will share with the classroom what they know about bees and their unique qualities. During this activity students will engage in a KWL chart to collect ideas and think about what they would further like to know.
The teacher will begin reading the book, but also participate in guided reading, in where she/he will pause every so often to recollect ideas from the students.
These pauses with include summarizing and note taking events that occurred, for example the introduction of a new character, setting, or
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Student will be able to refer to their KWL charts and writing journals to recall events.
The teacher will then introduce the purpose of a main idea and supporting details to the class through a series of examples and present the students with an organizer to arrange their ideas. The teacher will then ask students to engage in think-pair-share, so that they can organize their main ideas and their supporting details.
Students will continue to work on their main idea/ supporting detail organizers while sharing with other classmates.
The teacher will then ask students to create their own topic sentence in which they will support using ideas from their graphic organizers, KWL chart, and their writing journals.

Instructional Strategies:
During the lesson the teacher is allowing the students to discuss and think about what is occurring in the story. The teacher is implementing this by allowing and allocating time for debriefing in between the story. By doing thing the teacher gives the students the opportunity to use their KWL Charts throughout the lesson just in case something has been answered, or if a new idea were to appear. Moreover the students are also allowed to use their writing journal for note taking during this story. This allows the students to go back in their journals to recall events and important
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Both lesson plan days include think-pair-share strategies, which permits students to engage with a partner using age-appropriate literacy skills and eventually with the whole class. The students are also given multiple times throughout the lesson to engage as well. By using KWL charts students are also able to share their own experiences with the class and this permits the students to contribute their own individual insights.

Through these resources, activities, and strategies, students are able to make progress into distinguishing the main idea and supporting details in reading texts. Through this they are also able to organize thoughts to develop a topic sentence and moreover use supporting facts and details. Many of the resources and activities done in this lesson allowed the students to think for themselves and make educated guesses based on the information given. Moreover they were allowed multiple opportunities to share with one another about heir thought
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