Summary of Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities in Reading: Vocabulary Development

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Summary of Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities in Reading: Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary is an important building tool of a child’s reading skills. Students have to understand what the words mean in order to comprehend the story as it is presented to them in the classroom.

Unfortunately, that skill is rather ignored in middle school and is expected to be taught in elementary school. When those students do not grasp the concept in elementary and are pushed through to the middle school without the skill, they fall behind their classmates. With the reading skills for vocabulary lacking, these children are usually labeled with ‘learning disabilities’. All too often students read a passage and skip over the words that they do not understand. However, vocabulary skills in reading are essential to not only in the reading classroom, but in all the content area classrooms as well.

Vocabulary development should give the students the ability to learn the meaning of new words and concepts that are presented to them in their text. Learning this skill will help students with comprehension and their content area curriculum. By teaching students vocabulary development, students will have a reserve of new words, connect new words with their previous knowledge, gain the ability to understand and comprehend the text, and lastly, it will increase a students’ word knowledge to connect with their comprehension and success.

To accomplish vocabulary development, before reading the teacher needs to instruct their students on any prerequisites that they need to understand to interpret the text appropriately. This means the teacher has to pull out the most important words as well as those that may be too difficult for the stud...

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...ents to make a good reader. Therefore, without a certain piece of reading students skills the scaffolding is unstable. Due to a student’s faulty scaffolding, reading does not work cohesive to make the end product a successfully understood story. This concerns me. If I feel like they are falling behind on these skills and their other teachers, my colleagues, are not teaching them these skills, I will and do my best at making it appropriate for my class. Without reading skills, they will be faced with horrible ramifications from their problems to comprehend and understand the vocabulary words they see in their textbooks.

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