The Importance Of Reading Interventions

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Many students have a hard time when it comes to reading. There are many reading inventions that can help students out. Reading inventions are strategies that help students who are having trouble reading. The interventions are techniques that can be used to assist in one on ones with students or working in small groups to help students become a better reader. Hannah is a student who seems to be struggling with many independent reading assignments. There can be many reasons that Hannah is struggling with the independent reading assignments. One of the reasons that Hannah can be struggling with is reading comprehension while she is reading on her on. Reading comprehension is when students are able to read something, they are able to process it and they are able to understand what the text is saying. According to article Evidence-based early reading practices within a response to intervention system, it was mentioned that research strategies that can use to help reading comprehension can include of activating the student’s background knowledge of the text, the teacher can have questions that the student answer while reading the text, having students draw conclusions from the text, having …show more content…

In week 1 it can seem that Hannah only read 50 words correctly when she was assessed. In week 2 Hannah was able to read 52 words correctly. Therefore, the words that she read went up by 2 words. In week 3 it actually stayed that same as in week 2. In week 4 and week 5, Hannah progression actually went down. In week 6 Hannah progress improved and she was able to 53 words from the assessment. And in the final week, week 7 it was concluded that Hannah actually did make a progress in her reading. She was able to read 55 words correctly. Looking back from week 1 to week 7 it can be seen that Hannah did improve in her assessment. She was able to improve her reading of words by 5 extra

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