Importance Of Reading And Writing

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At a young age my mother told me that I would always need reading and writing. At that time I wouldn’t listen to what she said because I didn’t like to read and definitely didn’t like to write. Through school I only seemed to improve on one of these things and it never seemed to be writing. My journey through elementary school, middle school, and high school has shaped me into the writer that shows today. In elementary school I discovered reading. My mom would always read to me. Listening to her smooth expressive voice telling the tales of Junie B. Jones always had me enchanted. I would always get her to read to me because she made it more enjoyable than what I experienced on my own when I would read books. Then my mom had to go on…show more content…
I had always liked music but I never put my all into it. I worked hard in the marching band and was actually getting improving. I was surprised when I got first chair as a freshman and stayed there all four of my years of high school. Not only did I love band but I also loved reading. I would read about three to four books a week because I just loved to see the words come off of the page in my imagination. Although I found passions in other things I did miss writing. My writing stayed stagnant for most of high school. I would sometimes get a low B in English classes but others I found myself with a high C. It wasn’t until my senior year that I found a love for writing again. My senior teacher’s name was Mrs. Delph. With our first paper we had to write about our experience with summer reading and tell if we thought it should be continued. The paper I wrote I didn’t put a lot of effort into it because I was sadly coming to the point of not caring about writing anymore. Mrs. Delph saw something in my paper that day. I got a C on the paper, which wasn’t new to me at that time, but she told me she wanted me to stay after class. After class she told me that my paper had potential. She gave me point by point what I was missing and even gave me sites to go to that helped me improve the paper. On the next paper I put in a lot of hard work and it paid off I got an A! For the first time since middle school I got an A on a major paper for English. Even though I got an A I was still scared to write my senior paper. I kept telling myself just because you got lucky with one A doesn’t mean that you will get even more. I wrote and rewrote my senior paper at least four times until I finally was satisfied with the finished product. It took about two weeks for her to grade and I was truly scared during that whole time. I kept going back to my paper and trying to find something wrong or saying how
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