Essay about The Development of Society with Technology: Neal Postman

Essay about The Development of Society with Technology: Neal Postman

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Today’s society has gradually transformed to a more technology driven environment. Many people choose to communicate using electronic devices opposed to more old-fashioned means such as letter writing. In the book, Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, author Neil Postman described how he believes technology is the reason today’s society and culture is deteriorating. I have read several articles the provide examples and different insights on how technology contributed to the change in society. In the article, Technology in Today’s Classroom: Are You a Tech-Savvy Teacher, written by Stephanie Hicks, she describes how technology has contributed towards a productive learning environment in the classroom. Another article named Development of a Portable Embedded Patient Monitoring System, written by Jungmuk, Sungil and Dongik, states that the development of the portable monitoring system, an electronic device, aids with patient care in today’s society. In addition those articles, authors Sumayya Syed and Abu Nurullah wrote an article, Use of Mobile Phones and the Social Lives of Urban Adolescents: A Review of Literature, illustrates how cellular phones with today’s means of communication, especially within the teenagers. In spite of Postman’s theory that technology is negatively affecting society, technology contributes to the development of society by improving education skills, medical practices and means of communication.
As the traditional style of learning is slowly phasing out a more technology-based learning environment gradually replaces it in the classroom. Before technology became implemented in the classroom many students felt the separation in the classroom. There weren’t many things connecting the students t...

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...Directions of Higher Education. 37-44.
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