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    Engineering is one of the most significant subject in the world. The engineering divided into many several departments, such as, civil, mechanical, electronics and more. each of them supports others because in each work we need all of those three which we mentioned before and others. In this essay we will focus on one specific major which is electronics and communication engineering. I will explain what it is. Additionally, we will be elucidating the studying progress at the university and Areas of

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    Electronics The invention of the microprocessor in 1971 was a huge milestone that eventually changed everyone's everyday lives. This invention enabled the world to own a personal computer in their home as well as their office. People were able to work more efficiently and progressively with these new electronic devices. Electronics today provides the world with an infinite amount of information at a much faster speed than that information would ever have been available before. The American public

  • Electronic Electronics Industry

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    1. Introduction: Electronics is the magic wand for rapid technological progress for countries and thus for the world as a whole. Electronic equipment is composed of active devices (electron tubes, transistors, integrated circuits), as well as various types of components, that is, passive(resistors, capacitors, coils, transformers), functional (speakers, microphones, magnetic heads, micro-motors), and electromechanical (tuners, connectors, printed circuit boards).The function of a specific piece

  • The Electronic “Babies”

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    recent generation, people, mostly teenagers, tend to practice the same situation a lot earlier in a different method. Every day from one to five in the morning, when the sun still decides not to show up, it is one of the most active periods for these electronic “babies” or devices throughout the day. As loud as the high pitch metallic sound, it is their “natural instincts” to “scream” as loud as possible until their “parents” slowly pick them up and take good care of them. With a couple taps and soft swipes

  • I Love Electronics

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    I Love Electronics I have been interested in electronics since I was a child. At the age 5 I made a plug of aluminium foil and I put it in the electrical wall socket. To my surprise I got an electric shock, the wall and socket consequently became blackened, we had no electricity for the rest of the day (I wasn't at all very popular). Following on from this incident, I was often found sitting by the side of the blackened socket looking at it and thinking. I never did try to make another aluminium

  • Reflective Essay On Electronics

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    I 've noticed more of this generation using electronics for simple issues, I 've wondered to myself, "What 's with this generation using electronics more than usual? I 've done mostly everything by hand when I was their age.". Then, the answer popped into my head; it 's not the generation, it 's the electronics. We 're living in a society where the electronics that we use today are making us lose touch with ourselves. Limiting the amount of electronic use for myself is necessary because it helps

  • Electronic cigarettes

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    Electronic Cigarettes Synthesis Essay People constantly search for healthier alternatives to the bad choices they make. They trade chocolate for apples, television for exercise, and even traditional cigarettes for electronic cigarettes. Although manufacturers depict electronic cigarettes as safe alternatives to traditional cigarettes, the findings from studies of the risks remain inconclusive and unknown to the public. Scientists continue to conduct multiple studies on the health risks of electronic

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    Electronic Commerce Initially, the Internet was designed to be used by government and academic users, but now it is rapidly becoming commercialized. It has on-line "shops", even electronic "shopping malls". Customers, browsing at their computers, can view products, read descriptions, and sometimes even try samples. What they lack is the means to buy from their keyboard, on impulse. They could pay by credit card, transmitting the necessary data by modem; but intercepting messages on the Internet

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    Introduction Electronic waste otherwise known as e-waste is increasingly becoming a major source of pollution worldwide. E-waste consists electronic components which can be found in devices such as cellular phones, computers, TV’s and various small and large household appliances that have reached their end of life and are no longer useful. These items contain small amounts of pollutants in the form of heavy metals such as Gold (Ag), Silver (Ag), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), and Lead (Pb) (Huang et

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    Electronic commerce One of the fastest growing industries today is electronic commerce. Almost anything can be purchased, traded, or sold all via the Internet. A person sitting in their living room dressed in pajamas on a rainy Saturday morning in mid December can hookup to the internet and place their bid on a new chess set for the holidays without ever setting foot in the department stores. They can pay for it with their credit card through a secure transaction and have it delivered right to