The Declaration Of Independence And Mississippi Essay

The Declaration Of Independence And Mississippi Essay

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The Declaration of Independence and Mississippi were written during two different wars in the American history. The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson during the Revolutionary War. He wrote about the people’s rights and freedom from the British. The British ignored them, and the colonists took action and warned the British from time to time. Mississippi was written as different version of the The Declaration of Independence, but Mississippi explains that people want to keep slavery and they also want to be away from the Union during the Civil War. These documents show their similarity with purpose and structure, but Declaration of Independence is more successful in levels of author’s tone, audience awareness, formal language than Mississippi.
Those documents have a common purpose and structure which is important because Mississippi takes the idea from The Declaration of Independence. For structure, they both started with the same introduction such as “…to dissolve the political bands which have connected…” from The Declaration of Independence. Mississippi stated “…dissolving its connection…”, so they have the same meaning. Also, they both made a list of things which The Declaration of Independence was stating their rights, and the other document stated their disagreements. The purpose is that both wanted to secede for power as they mention it near the end. Mississippi wanted to secede from the Union, and The Declaration of Independence seceded from the British. Although these two documents have similar structure and purpose, they have different techniques because it helps determines which document was more successful.
For tone, it shows the author’s attitude from the article or document, and the tones a...

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...ppi listed their disagreements about slavery. The main purpose of both documents were seceding from someone such as The Declaration of Independence tried to secede from the British, but Mississippi tried to secede from the Union. The tone from The Declaration of Independence was able to show reasoning, and they thought about it when they gave a choice to the British as a friend or foe while Mississippi gave the Union nothing as the war is going to happen regardless. The world got attention from the The Declaration of Independence versus only the white rich people were able to connect to Mississippi. In conclusion, The Declaration of Independence did more successfully because Jefferson was able to persuade his audience to understand the conflict, and Mississippi tried to follow The Declaration of Independence technique, but they failed to achieve their goal.

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