The Declaratio: The Purpose Of The Declaration Of Independence

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During the colonialization of North American it was a time of rebirth for all people. America offered an opportunity for individuals and families to take a chance at a new way of living. Rather it be for religious reasons or just the search of new start, America was the place to do that. The British Empire; however, did not see it as such and many events created the friction which eventually start a revolutionary fire. The colonist wrote down what they had been feeling for years, the need for a change. That change is outlined in today’s most emphasized document: the Declaration of Independence. While the title of this document does it justice for its purpose of declaring independence; I believe there are further detailed reasons for the purpose of the…show more content…
It has been said that the Declaration of independence is “what holds us together and legitimizes out political aspirations” (Eastland, 2014) and that leads to the outlining of the new government. The forefathers wanted government that would provide them with the rights they had as God fearing people. These basic rights included life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The rights the colonist added in the Declaration of Independence also stated that the government was to, under any circumstance, protect all citizen’s rights. The Declaration of Independence highlighted where the government’s power should come from; which would be the governed or the people. Lastly it is the responsibility and right of the people to keep the government running properly and if the government is not completing the task of protecting the rights of the people it is to be overthrown. With a very strong outline of a new philosophy of government the first purpose of the Declaration of Independences was established. This portion declared independence from the British rule and publically announced how they are going to do
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