Data Privacy Just Makes Good Business Sense Essay

Data Privacy Just Makes Good Business Sense Essay

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Reflection #1
Blog: TechCrunch

The chosen article for this reflection comes from the blog TechCrunch and is called “Data Privacy Just Makes Good Business Sense”. This article refers to the popular growing trend which is the use of Big Data. Big Data is referred to as, “The large volume of data which is collected and stored by organizations for further analysis for better strategic business decisions.” (SAS) This definition has shifted quite a bit over the years as organizations are producing all kinds of new innovations with all this data. This article touches on the fact that businesses may be taking advantage of consumers by taking large amounts of data and creating the impression that its okay because consumers will receive something in exchange. This article also refers to the point that the use of Big Data is attached to many privacy concerns and that organizations should be dealing with these concerns carefully. This includes possibly offering incentives and benefits to these consumers in exchange for their data.

Analysis & Reflection
There are many ethical concerns which have begun to arise with the widely popular trend of big data. Organizations across the globe have adopted the use of big data for extensive analysis purposes. With this use however there are many ethical issues attached. Consumers are producing data left right and center without even being aware of the fact that they are producing it. Organizations then use this data to conduct further research. Almost all industries have been able to benefit from the use of big data, however there are ethical issues attached to those benefits. Susan Etlinger from a recent research report suggests, “Just because there are so many different technologies bein...

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...ta-gathering, data-exchanging and data-mining are all threatening an individual’s privacy. Many individuals are not even aware of the fact that their information is being taken, this raises the ethical concerns of morally opaque features of cyber-technology. Policies must be put into place by either the government or organizations themselves to fill these vacuums. If not filled now, greater ethical concerns will arise.

In order to ensure an individuals privacy we must address the ethical issues which are arising from the loss of privacy which occurs everyday. The article also points out that we will continue to lose more privacy as more of our devices will be taking information including something as simple as our toothbrush. With all this added transparency into an individuals life, one can evidently see the ethical concerns which must be addressed.

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