Females and Technology

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With technology rapidly changing as fast as we blink our eyes, it is important for people to learn as much as possible about the computer world if they want to maintain a decent lifestyle because the world we live in revolving around those technologies. As McKee points out, “most jobs now require intelligence and technical skill” (1). Each year, there is something either added or modified to computers, which forces people to learn computer literacy at a steady pace. While some love computers, others despise them. When comparing people’s attitudes towards computers, statistics show a gender gap that proves most females’ attitudes are drastically different from the attitudes of males. Several studies prove that women not only lack an interest in technology, but they also chose not to enroll in computer classes. Since computers and technology play an enormous role in the world today, more technology professionals are needed. It is extremely important for more women to become knowledgeable in these areas. Swain and Harvey argue, “This technology gender gap is affecting half our population and causing it to be unprepared to contribute to the demands of a high-tech twenty-first century” (17). While this may not seem like a serious issue to some, it is an issue that will ultimately lead to a bigger problem if not handled immediately. So why are there so few women in the technology field? To answer that question, I must first find out why are there so few women in the technology and computer classes, considering that this atmosphere is the most common place where the interest for computers is born.

The purpose of my research is to examine the shortage of females in the technology field. I will also research reasons why females chose not to take computer classes. I will support my theory with several examples from various studies. Furthermore, I will give several strategies that can be beneficial to female students and possibly increase the number of females in future computer classes. By the end of my research, the goal of encouraging young women who are interested in the technology field to pursue technology and succeed in the computer classes and world. This research will help me attempt to motivate other female students to at least gain more confidence and enough courage to learn more about the technological world we live in today.

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