Low Expectations of Privacy

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Computers, tablets, cellphones and all modern tenchnology has decrease our expectations of privacy in this digital age. People don't care anyone for their privacy, they only want the benefits that modern technology has brought to them. In the essay, “Privacy is Overrated” by David Plotz (2003), argues that it is sometimes good to be open and not be bother by privacy. In Jack Shafer's (2010) essay, “The Invasion of the Cookie Monster” he argues that we are the ones to be blame for the lost of our online privacy. The didgital age has created an extremely big problem of privacy for people. Exchanging privacy for the benefits of the use of internet. In Plotz's essay “Privacy is Overrated” he want's to convince people to not be too concerned about privacy and to try to be more open. He gives many examples that could convince people into being more open. For example, he writes “But I bet you want to know if your baby-sitter has ever been convicted of child abused, if your business partner has a history of bankruptcy if your boyfriend is still married”(68). Yes I agree that this is tr...
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