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Cyber Bullying Is A Growing Problem Essays

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Have you ever been cyberbullied or humiliated over the internet? The internet was built to expand the knowledge of life everywhere, for communication, and much more. There are also cons; the internet is not perfect, that’s pretty clear, but as humans we all should have seen this coming. Cyber bullying is a growing problem, It destroys families, lives, the way people see things, and how they act. Monica Lewinsky was a victim of this harmful treatment and I have to agree with her that no one should have to go through this. Cyber bullying is leading to suicidal ideations more significantly than offline bullying. Mostly teens and young adults are so abused and ashamed by shaming and humiliation that some can 't imagine living the next day, and some unfortunately don 't. A helpline called ChildLine helps teens with certain issues recorded from the year of 2012 to 2013 a 87 percent increase in calls and emails related to cyberbullying and bullying. Consequently, cyberbullying is a growing problem and somethings needs to be done.
Cyberbullying is leading a tole in suicidal deaths alone. This tells me something. It shows that people are hiding behind a screen to inflict some kind of emotional pain on another person through the internet rather than in person, "research determined that humiliation was a more intensely felt emotion than happiness or anger," said Lewinsky. I feel she means that words really do have an emotional toll on people, verbal damage can cause as much harm as physical damage; humiliation is a felt emotion just as much as happiness or anger. Cyberbullies seek to humiliate their target as much as they can.

Day in and day out, Some Teens are so humiliated and shamed over the internet that some can...

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...ause to suicidal ideations than offline bullying. Cyberbully, and bully victims are so mistreated and shamed about themselves that some can 't picture living another day, and some sadly don’t. The rate of Cyberbullying is increasing at a dramatic rate every year. ChildLine a non profit organization who helps teens with conflicts they are facing; recorded 87% of calls were related to cyberbullying in 2012 to 2013. Cyberbullying is an increasing issue in the internet and social world today, and it affects everyone like family, friends, how people see what 's cool and what 's not, all like one big chain reaction. I very much agree what Monica is trying to say, cyberbullying is a rampant conflict and something needs to be done. "We need to return to a long-held value of compassion" Every human deserves compassion, be compassionate to yourself, and those around you.

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