Essay about Courtship Behaviors Conducted By Anthony Paik And Vernon Woodley

Essay about Courtship Behaviors Conducted By Anthony Paik And Vernon Woodley

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In another study on courtship behaviors conducted by Anthony Paik and Vernon Woodley certain an extended use of courtship behaviors is needed before sexual intercourse can occur. They found that courtship signals where most important when the two potential partners did not know one another. The use of courtship behaviors demonstrates an individual’s level of investment and capital. Courtship behaviors can be used as a measure for how much a potential partner is willing to commit to the potential relationship. Courtship signs can also demonstrate what a potential partner has to offer in a potential relationship. If a potential partner does not exhibit a high level of commitment or potential then the individual being courted may decided to not pursue said relationship. Individuals who were less willing to make a investment in a potential relationship spent less time exhibiting courtship behavior. As a result it was determined that courtship behaviors occurred in a vast majority of romantic relationships. Based on a game-theoretical framework it was determined that adolescents participate in four distinct types of courtship behaviors prior to becoming sexual involved with one another. The four distinct types of behaviors included nominal, going with, social, and extensive. Going with is related to couples that do not a large deal of experience in dating, but want to attempt to be labeled as being a couple. Nominal and going with are indicative of individuals who are still attempt to reach a sexual relationship. Extensive is when a individual investments a great deal of time as to suggests a high level of commitment and willingness to enter a long term relationship. Paik and Woodley’s study is mainly concerned with the role that court...

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...ility. There are two reasons for which youth can play a role in demonstrating potential health of a female. The first reason is that the younger the woman the more time she has left to potential give birth to a child. Second reason is that the younger the women the easier it may be for her conceive a child. Dunham touches on an Australian sample that demonstrates a possible correlation between facial symmetry in women being linked to women becoming sexually active at a young age. The sample also found that women with facial symmetry reported having more long-term partners than those with low level of facial symmetry. These visual signals can be used by males when deciding which potential partners appear to be most appealing as potential long-term partners. These visual signals play a role in human courtship because they can be linked to potential partners fertility.

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