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  • Male Expectations

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    The Effects of Male Expectations Male expectations are ever present in our world creating an adverse effect on men making them feel inferior if they are unable to succeed financially. Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman explicitly shows just how harmful these expectations can be to a person and their families. The main character in the play Death of a Salesman Willy Loman is greatly affected by these male expectations. The man is expected to not only support his family but must also be able

  • The Male Stereotypes

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    MALE STEREOTYPES Most common stereotypes of men are that men are aggressive and violent. Most western countries portray men as emotionally stable, assertive, independent and strong. These stereotypes are not true in most cases. It is said that men are emotionally more stable than women because they don't cry. I completely disagree with this. Sometimes crying can be beneficial too and is a sign of emotional strength. Men crying publically has become socially unacceptable. If a man is very emotional

  • The Male Species

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    The Male Species What could be more confusing than the male speices? Absolutely nothing! Guys have no idea just how much they reflect on a young girl's or older woman's life. Guys make women think, not to mention try to figure out what exactly goes through their heads. Yet, they remain to have so much involvement in a female's life. Most guys don't understand how much they confuse women, whether it be playing mind games, never doing anything they say they will, or by being scared to death

  • Male Socialization

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    Male Socialization While there are many competing theories surrounding the development of gender roles, this one fact is incontestable and unavoidable: men and women are socialized differently. There is not yet enough conclusive evidence to determine how large of a role biology plays in creating the gendered psyches, but, whilst scientists continue to explore the intricacies of neurology, we can draw conclusions about how social mores assist in instilling masculinity and femininity into our

  • Victimization of Women in a Male Dominated and Male Defined World

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    brutality and ruthless insidiousness of the male dominated scientific regime can be seen in stark silhouette when one comes to understand how even theories constructed for no purpose other than to entrench male privilege and power fall victim to the ram-rod assault of Linear Progress. For example, the belief that the entire human organism in miniature form -- the homunculus -- was contained in the spermatozoa, was predicated on the assumption that the male is normative and active -- ejaculating its

  • An examination of male struggles

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    concerns and eating disorders are significantly associated more with females than males. Even though males seemingly have lower rates of eating disorders, they are not as protected from body image issues as was once thought. In our day and age, increasing amounts of males are wrestling with body discontentment, weight concerns, and feelings of inadequacy when comparing their body to the problematic socialized male ideal body. Male body image dissatisfaction is largely the product of external pressures to

  • Male Cheerleading is a Sport!

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    Male Cheerleading is a Sport! Against popular belief, females were not the founders behind the sport of cheerleading; instead males who were so eager to cheer while watching sporting events created this sport. In the 1890's the first pep club was organized at Princeton University, and it was there where the first organized yell was recorded. The University of Minnesota organized cheerleading and the first school "fight song." Women didn't get introduced to cheerleading until the 1920s when gymnastics

  • Male Victim Rape

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    Male Victim Rape Abstract This research paper is based on individual case study related to “Male Rape Victims.” Male rape is a crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse (LongMan Dictionary, p1169). In general, male rape has occurred as often as every year from the age of twelve and above. Frequently, males and females had common experiences in same situations. An attacker could victimize males as well as females, who can be an attacker, only a small number

  • male and female relationships

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    Female vs. Male Friendships Male and female friendships are different and alike in many ways. They differ in how men and women can relate to each other both physically and emotionally. Men and women also differ in the communication aspect. In both friendships, there is a certain level of competitiveness, and the friends obviously will have the same interest in common. Friendships will differ from person to person because of the different personalities, but there will be the same likes and differences

  • Male Sex Workers

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    prostitution one of its characteristics is that women were always seem to be the only party involved in this deviant behavior. With this in mind, maybe the facts surrounding prostitution and regarding males were not fully researched and documented, especially those males who worked as escorts. Or, perhaps, males participating in prostitution was just an episode in history that did not need to be discussed. Uniquely, history brings to life prostitution and the fact that it has existed for centuries. Why