Counseling: Helping Clients Find Solutions Essay

Counseling: Helping Clients Find Solutions Essay

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Counseling can be viewed as relationship between two individuals, a counselor and a client, with the aim of helping the client overcome a problem or reduce adversary/suffering .In this relationship, the assumption is that the client is in a problem and needs assistance, while the counselor is experienced and possesses unconditional positive regard to the client (Colin J. S & Graham U. 1994).Therefore, counseling may also be regarded as a helping profession because it aims at helping the clients deal with the problems they face.
The counselor is the person who offers services of counseling and is a professional who has undergone training to acquire the skills and competency to do the job. The client or counselee is the person faced with a certain problem and needs help so that he/she may be helped to restore his/her functioning capacity (Colin, J. S & Graham, U. 1994).The goal of counseling is to establish a good relationship between the counselor and the counselee so that the problem facing the client may be easily solved (Yashwanth H.S. 2010)
There are various kinds of counseling e.g. behavioral counseling, career counseling, mental health counseling etc. (Colin, J. &, Graham, U. 1994).However, each counselor may apply different style, approach or theory, depending on the case; with the overall objective of solving the problem.
A school counselor:
This is the person who offers counseling services in a school setting mostly to students and even staff and non teaching staff. Most of students in schools may be children or adolescents. In such a setting, the counselor may go about the process as per the following:
Approach: The counselor may use a systems approach to counseling. (White, J.& Mullis F. 1998).This appr...

... middle of paper ...

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