The Importance of Counseling Theories

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It is imperative to study counseling theories when beginning field based work. Counseling theories provide a foundation to be able to learn and develop my own techniques. Some ideas that exemplify the significance of counseling theories are; research, application of theories, and case studies. Research To understand or create a theory, one must first have scientific support. The best way to comprise such support is research. Counseling theories give an extensive basis of data from research which has relevant correlation to active psychotherapists and counseling practitioners. “Critics of meta-analysis and the early exemplar research suggest that the problem in finding differential effectiveness of counseling approaches can be attributed to ignoring significant client factors in these studies” (Murdock, 2009 p.10). For example, counseling research provides the educational reference to improve future conditions with preceding statistics. This phase is considered trial and error and if needed, client sessions should be updated to have individualized applicability. Applicati...

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