Communication Is An Integral Part Of Honesty And Integrity Within An Organization

Communication Is An Integral Part Of Honesty And Integrity Within An Organization

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Communication can definitely be an integral part of honesty and integrity within an organization. As you mentioned, communication or the lack of communication can have a negative impact on an organization. Personally, I have worked in organizations where communication was excellent and positive. Communication was positive because managers communicated information directly to the employee. On the other hand, negative communication can sour an organization. Our studies and research have highlighted what could occur among negative moods and communication. These negative moods then result in poor coordination of effort and lower levels of group performance, especially when there is a lot of nonverbal negative communication between members (Robbins, 2009). At one of my previous organizations, there was a huge issue with turnovers because of a lack of communication. The lack of communication caused employees to become frustrated regarding their duties and responsibilities. When employees would ask for assistance, they still didn’t receive the help that was needed. There was a breakdown between upward and downward communication. As Fischer stated upward communication is feedback from employees (2009). In the organization, employees felt like they didn’t have a voice because there wasn’t an opportunity to provide feedback to management. However, the organization did change my philosophy of leadership which is to respect and help others as much as possible. Also, to follow the words of Titus 2:7 (NIV) In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness.

Fischer PhD, K. (2009). Presentation: ...

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... of those organizational factors that are responsible for generating a work atmosphere of trust, integrity and fairness (Klaussner, 2012).

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