Essay on College : A Great Payoff Or The Great Expense?

Essay on College : A Great Payoff Or The Great Expense?

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College: A Great Payoff or a Great Expense?
When it comes to the topic of attaining a college degree, most will readily agree that it is essential to securing a successful career post-graduation. Whereas some are convinced that a college degree does not guarantee entry into a career in one’s field of study nor does it determine success in one’s career. Others maintain that a higher education is in fact the way to job security and financial success. What comes into question is whether the investment in a college education is truly worth it or not in order to accomplish a student’s goals of success. I think it could be said for most prospective college students that the reason for going to college is to gain the credentials required for most jobs today. What many of those potential students may not realize is the substantial percentage of graduates who do not acquire a job related to their majors, how much debt they will incur, and just how many students don’t graduate at all for reasons such as an overwhelming workload and an unsatisfactory work/ life balance.
In the essay “College Graduates Fare Well, Even through Recession,” author Catherine Rampell provides data that detail why a college education is worth investing in. She shares with us a positive perspective on the employment prospects after graduating from a 4-year institution. Rampell states that “there are more employed college graduates today than employed high school graduates and high school dropouts put together” (page 678). This is seemingly good news for a student considering college as a path to becoming gainfully employed. However, Rampell goes on to mention that college graduates may be able to get a job after graduating, but that doesn’t necessarily mean th...

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... in debt, and discouraged. The high rates of degree recipients earning far less than their expected income and being denied of their well-deserved financial security is unacceptable following the years of tireless study and academic accomplishments. The amount of debt that the average graduate is required to pay back to an institution that may not have provided the intended benefits of a higher education is, simply stated, unfair. Also, the substantial percentage of first year college dropouts creates a cycle of indebted, disheartened and low earning individuals with no guarantee of a brighter, more successful future even given the effort to succeed. Although, I do feel that having a college education is wonderful for learning critical thinking and mental development, I do not believe that is worth the highly probable struggles that follow obtaining a college degree.

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