College is wasting our time and money

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In 1975, Caroline Bird’s “College Is a Waste of Time and Money” describes why college degrees cannot buy you five years in the work force. Bird’s essay heavily describes the emotional struts these students encounter while attending college, and the anguish of dreadful classes which seem irrelevant to your actual desired occupation. High school students are inevitably being pushed to believe that college is a fundamental difference between working a desk job making $80,000 a year, and working a minimum wage job the rest of your life. Many college students are finding out that your twenty-thousand dollar degree won’t land you your dream job. Although some may advocate that college is the proven method to a successful career path, the majority of people that attend college are setting themselves up for failure with barricades like loans, low graduation rate, lack of experiences, and career success rate after receiving a degree.
The first issue that comes to hand is the financial aspect of it. Although people think college is the smartest investment you can make, it comes with a price. Today’s average cost to complete a bachelor degree runs right around $22,000, not including alcohol and fast food. Before beginning college, the majority of students will take out loans to finance college expenses. Roughly, twenty million loans each year, and additionally 60% of the previous year ( When repetitively borrowing of money from our government occurs, there will always be a percentage of students who will not be able to pay them back immediately or at all.
At first glance, these loans don’t look horrible because of the comforting idea of not having to begin making payments till six months after graduation or you drop out. Once ...

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...roblematic because the students miss critical experience of work and communication on a professional level in their area of study. Not only are they more than likely exposing themselves on social media but decreasing their chances of getting hired and being more counterproductive!
In today’s time, colleges have slowly turned education into a commodity and made a market. People are continually informed that going to college is the essential difference in our competitive job market. The numbers are often neglected, and people are misled to believe that everyone is meant to go to college. Although not everyone can be a doctor or a lawyer, and some majors don’t pay in the long run college, it is still a great opportunity for those who can properly prepare for the time and money it requires. College is not the difference between success and failure if you don’t attend.
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