Coaching Philosophy : The Determinant Of A Coaching Essay

Coaching Philosophy : The Determinant Of A Coaching Essay

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One’s coaching philosophy might be the largest determinant of a coaching
career. The coaching philosophy chosen by each individual is crucial to how a career
can be defined, as well as how a team coached by this individual functions in both
practices and competitive situations. The coaching philosophy set in place by the
coach is the fundamental foundation of the program itself. It not only provides
direction for the coaching staff and others surrounding the program, but it also sets
a threshold for the athletes on the participating team. Depending on the coaching
philosophy adapted, players may or may not be allowed to assume responsibility for
their own actions and decisions. However, allowing them to make such choices will
encourage them to meet the expectations set in place by themselves as individual
athletes, as well as achieve team goals set in place with combined input of the unit
(Guthrie, 2003).
A coaching philosophy may be the most important factor when defining
career, team, and individual athlete goals. The way in which a coach approaches the
daily ins and outs of the happenings of his/her team goes a long way in the
adherence of the players to the coach’s guidance, and ultimately in determining the
success of the team itself. The players want to feel that their coaches really do care
about them, and are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to see
them succeed not only at the individual level, but as a team as well. This is why
having an athlete centered coaching philosophy is the gold standard of the practice
today. Those coaches that truly take into account players’ input, feelings, motives

Thompson 2
and desires connect with their players on a higher level, potentially leading to
enhanced perfo...

... middle of paper ... each
situation. Research has shown that an athlete-centered philosophy creates the
highest motivation levels, but this does not discredit other forms of coaching. There
are coaches in the past who have been extremely successful utilizing the “my way or
highway” principle and have been solely focused on winning. However, at the end of
the day it is not about winning. Since the majority of athletes will not play sports at
the professional level, winning is not the most important thing. Teaching the
participating youth life lessons and allowing them to grow as people is the driving
force behind sports. Utilization of this viewpoint will lead to higher motivation
within athletes as well as allowing for a better overall experience lived out by the
athlete which is what it really comes down to at the end of the day. Because why
play a sport if you don’t love playing it?

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