Coaches And Various Methods Of Coaching Essay

Coaches And Various Methods Of Coaching Essay

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Coaches and various methods of coaching have been around for a very long time. These coaching theories have evolved and develop throughout the years with the aspects of mentoring, motivating, teaching, shaping and instructing people to learn tasks as easily as identifying shapes and sounds as a child all the way to teaching someone how to drive a car. Teachers instructing students the proper mathematical theories or how to conduct a science experiments have all been associated with traditional direct instruction methods. Coaching comes in all forms and can attributed to the development of students, athletes or even many cases out in the real world for job performance and development. Coaches have to understand the methods that they want to use to instruct their players.
Coaches will need plans for teaching, motivating, development and assessing in order to effectively lead a team. Coaches must realize that all players are not created equally and may learned drills or tasks in different manners. All of these aspects of coaching have to be considered prior to establishing the coach and player dynamic. Coaches have to take many different unique mindsets and physical abilities and then try to formulate a coaching strategy that best encompasses all of those players into the total team concept. Coaches have the advantage in team sports because of the role of the team and as cohesive cohort that can learn and grow based off of the actions of each individual.
I feel that my coaching views and style falls into different aspects of the constructivist theory. First off, I believe in the total team effort. Not one player is more important as the entire team if the entire team is performing as a single unit. I believe in verbal and hands ins...

... middle of paper ...

...d instruct the players.
I definitely plan on using many elements of the constructivist theory. I believe it is highly important to establish an intricate framework and balance between how I coach the team, what I am teaching them and interaction amongst the players, the tasks and my coaching staff. Communication will be key to all success. We will provide instant feedback when possible and definitely use every opportunity that we can to provide honest feedback and potential ways to overcome shortcomings in order to increase performance standards. My goal is to discover all of my athlete’s potential abilities, skill levels, readiness, and probably more importantly what are the individual goals of my players. I will to establish and use the task analysis process to determine the skill and ability levels before I can move forward with my coaching scheme (Huber, 2013).

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