How to Become a Football Coach

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The process of becoming a great Coach requires a mix of intelligence, time, hard work, dedication, and knowledge of the sport that someone is coaching. Coaches have the opportunity to impact the players life in a huge way. Most players want to look up to their coach; because that is how influential that they can be in life. The goals every year of a coach is to win a conference championship and win a major championship. The goals vary every year for certain teams and coaches. A reason to become a coach could be the influence that coaches had on one’s childhood growing up, as coaches are usually looked at as great role models. (Foster) A coach must be able to handle harsh criticism, he must be dedicated, he must have the time to put the work in for the team, and he must be the prime example of a great leader. If a coach doesn’t have these characteristics there in no need to try and become a coach. If a coach wants to be a great coach and have a family then he should probably look for a real supporting wife that loves the sport and try to make sure the kids are involved, so they don’t feel left out. If a coach is something someone would enjoy doing he should make getting the players respect a big thing, because if he can’t get the players respect than they probably won’t even buy into what he wants to do for them or what he wants to accomplish. Coaches must be able to handle criticism from fans, parents, and even players. “Just don’t take it personal do what you know is right, some people are going to like it and some aren’t. It’s what comes with the position,” a quote from Coach Foster when asked how to handle criticism. (Foster) There are many different positions that come with football coaching, the most important one being the... ... middle of paper ... ...that he is in need of. That influence could really change that young mans life forever and make him want to be able to help another young man that same exact way and that could be enough interest to make him want to become a coach and make the big influence he has the chance to make. The money that coaches make could also be the reason in a young man becoming a coach thinking that it is easy to become one, but to become a coach is not the easiest thing In the world, not only must you have the knowledge of the game, but you also must be able to be a great leader and have the dedication and time. “Coaching is the universal language of change and learning” this is a quote from a TV organization known as CNN, showing that coaches and their ability of what they have the chance to do with their job is on of the most important and influential jobs that are in the world.

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