Essay on Bullying : Child, Parent, Teacher, Friend

Essay on Bullying : Child, Parent, Teacher, Friend

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Child, parent, teacher, friend – regardless of what title you might have, bullying is a issue that everyone should be conscious of. Whether it is physical bullying or cyber bullying, this not only affects the adolescent when the bullying is occurring, but effects can also be shown when the child matures. Although it is difficult to end bullying completely, there are steps parents and teachers can take to help children from being the victim or the bully.
When bullying is occurring, it is essential that either the parent or the teacher take notice and immediately intervene. Bullying often goes unnoticed due to the fact that children are scared to speak up.
Jan Hughes Ph.D., an educational psychology professor at Texas A&M, has studied bullying due to her interest in being aware of and preventing childhood aggression which takes a form of bullying.
“Bullies usually pick on children who themselves are low on the totem pole,” Dr. Hughes said. “These children often don’t have a network of friends who stand up for them and as we know a lot of children imitate the bullying.”
It is important to note that although a child might not be the bully or the victim, bystanders who know that bullying is occurring and do nothing to help prevent or end it are a large part of the bullying problem.

The advancement of technology – computers, cell phones, and social media – has allowed bullying to take place all hours of the day. Before, bullying only occurred face-to-face in social settings. Now, people can fall victim to bullying even when they are alone at home.
Since 2006, the development of social media has opened a new door for bullying to take place. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and are just some of the many social medi...

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...en it comes to technology. It has become easier to hide behind a screen and type hurtful things without realize how damaging it can be to someone’s self-esteem.
According to the book, Bullying in American Schools, “…prevention efforts should incorporate a discussion with students about the pressure from peers to engage in bullying and the real barriers to going against this powerful pressure.”
Although your child might not be the main enforcer of the bullying, it is key that students are made aware that participating in bullying due to peer pressure makes you just as guilty. Let your child know that serious consequences can result from this.
Most importantly, as a parent it is important for you to be aware. Know the signs and intervene before it is too late. Do not be the parent that only researches bullying and discusses it with their child while it is occurring.

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