Biological Workings Of The Head, And The Scalp Essay

Biological Workings Of The Head, And The Scalp Essay

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Phrenology was a science in the 1800’s by Francis Gall. A phrenologist believed in examining the shape of the head, and the scalp enabled the phrenologists to determine a person’s character. Phrenology maps divided personality aspects to different parts of the head. Once thought a scientific field; however, today phrenology is a parlor trick. However, its character maps gave important information to the connection between the brain, and behavior. Thomas Willis researched the biological workings of the brain related to behavior. Goodwin stated that from Willis’s findings he published the Anatomy of the Brain in 1664, which labeled and mapped the structures of the brain. Two areas of the brain assist in regulating behavior, the central nervous system, and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system regulates all behavior, and mental processes. Willis described elemental acts of the brain as reflex actions. The central nervous system involves the brain, and the spinal cord, which communicate using neural impulses.
Golgi, Ramon, and Cajal researched the possibilities of neuronal communications. The communication network of the brain relies on neurons. Three different types of neurons reside in the human body: sensory neurons (sensory stimulation), motor neurons (movement), and interneurons that allows communication between the other two neurons. Helmholtz stated.” that the total energy within a system remains constant, even if changes occur with the system” (pg.58). A synapse occurs when two neurons transfer information from one to another. Initiating a reflex action, The firing of a neuron in the synapse is similar to electricity moving from a light switch to the light bulb. Helmholz experimented wit...

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...nsively the brain controls our emotional reactions. While addressing the fear of mathematics in the building math confidence course, students learn about the flight-or-fight response. Fear of math, arithmophobia, is a phobia; however, a math learning disability is a neurological concern. Unfortunately, fear of math is not the only phobia I work with at the community college. Fear of failure, and the unknown are very common student problems. When counseling these students it requires discussing past experiences, future expectations, and irrational beliefs. Perception, which involves sensory stimuli with mental responses, is one of my favorite subjects to teach. Discussing the perception of failure that eventually results in an uncontrolled cycle. Helping the students make a connection to break the cycle through alternative forms of desensitization has helped.

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