Essay about Best Practices For Project Management

Essay about Best Practices For Project Management

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Best Practice Portfolio
My company is called Details it is an event coordinating company that assist clients in the planning of their special events. Every event is a unique project with its own specific wants and needs, however they all demand detailed planning, have budget constraints, time management and have their own special requirements.
In order for Details to continue being a successful company we have also focused on having a best practice portfolio in place. By doing so it will allow the organization to have a better understanding of the process that will standardize every event. It would also allow them to have a structure in place for their business objective and performance.
Best Practice
First we need to understand what best practices in project management is and what it would do for the company. Best practices are reusable activities or processes that continuously add value to the deliverables of the project (Harold Kerzner, 2004, p. 46). For Details the best practices are the usage of checklists, worksheets, planning lists, and calendars to make sure no detail for the event is overlooked. “A best practice is an idea that asserts that there is a technique, method or process—through research and application—that is more effective at delivering a particular outcome than any other technique, method or process.” (Wilipedia, 2009) This process allow a company to define what worked best and what can be implement for future projects. According to the Project Management Institute, a best practice is a way for an industry to achieve their goals and objective.
Implementing Best Practice
It is recommended to conduct some research before implementing a best practices. According to Gina Abudi, “there are lots of busine...

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• Rank risk for each activity for each risk factor
• Sum results across risk factors for each activity
• Document the results and identify potential risk-reduction actions for evaluation by the project team (Kindinger & Darby, 2000)
This best practice demonstrates how the project management processes and techniques can be customized to achieve a project and programs objective.
In conclusion the use of best practice is a more affective mothed to manage a project and to establish a gorgonized process in an organization. With any and maybe all of this processes my company could be more effective in the way we manage our event. However I still feel the best practice to know is the skills and general management proficiencies that is required from the PMBOK guide. With those skills you are able to customize your own methods that would work for your specific need.

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