The Best Practices For Engaging Volunteers Through Social Media Platforms

The Best Practices For Engaging Volunteers Through Social Media Platforms

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Understanding how to successfully engage volunteers is vital for non-for-profits. There are a variety of ways they can connect with them. This paper will discuss the best practices for engaging volunteers through social media. In order to effectively do so, non-for-profits should focus on three fundamental components: their approach before, during, and after engaging volunteers on social media.
Before engaging with volunteers, it is important for non-for-profits organizations to have a plan of what they are going to do and how they will be implementing it. Research must be conducted in advance to ensure they are making the best decisions based on their volunteers and organization. It is important for them to verify that the chosen social media platforms support volunteer engagement. Volunteering should be present in the social media platforms navigation and clearly visible on a page of its own.

To optimize their presence online, the social media platforms the organization chooses should have a large base of supporters and fit well with their content needs. For example, if the majority of their supporters were seniors, Instagram ostensibly would not be a platform the organization would choose since “only 6% of all senior Internet users use Instagram” (Demographics of Key Social Networking Platforms, 2015). “Facebook would be a better option since 56% of all senior Internet users are using Facebook” (Demographics of Key Social Networking Platforms, 2015).

The wording of a non-for-profits content is also important. Making sure the messaging is friendly and welcoming to prospective volunteers is crucial. The organization should work to extend their brand, to accommodate the organizations volunteer engagement needs. Integrating so...

... middle of paper ... show off all of the organizations and volunteers’ hard work. Always remember to tag participants such as people, sponsors and other non-profits in photos to get additional traction. As followers interact with the content, the organizations networks will observe it, allowing their message and mission to spread even further.

In conclusion, a non-for-profit organizations effort to engage volunteers will not be successful unless they understand how to effectively communicate with them. One of the most popular methods in recent years is reaching them through social media platforms. There are three fundamental components of social media best practices as discussed above: an organizations approach before, during, and after engaging volunteers on social media. Implementing these strategies will allow non-for-profits to connect with volunteers greater than ever before.

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