Benefits of an Active Lifestyle Essay

Benefits of an Active Lifestyle Essay

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“ Researchers speculate that sitting for hours on end may change people’s metabolism in ways that promote obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.” Little do most people know that having a sedentary lifestyle can actually be very negative on there health. On the other hand having an active lifestyle or even just walking 15-20 mins a day (Putnam 4) can be very beneficial to people’s mental and physical health. Having an active lifestyle through high school and after is far more beneficial than having a sedentary lifestyle because competing in high school sports develops good lifelong habits, is a good source of stress relief and keeps the athlete overall healthier.
Research shows; “hard work can lead to excellence, and that young athletes learn success that can lead them through life.”(Watkins 27) There are many ways to get involved with athletics in high school. One great way is team sports. There are many team sports to choose from, such as baseball, football, hockey and soccer just to name a few. These team sports can be a fun and enjoyable way to stay active through high school.
In todays world though high school sports have become just as much about college recruitment as anything. Parents are trying to push their children to the next level. They are using the child's athletic ability to try and to compete for some of the nations top scholarships to the biggest college schools in the country. This added pressure makes children a lot more vulnerable to injury and other stress related illnesses. In fact out of the thirty million high schoolers that compete in high school sports a little under three and a half million athletes seek medical attention at lease once after they have shown symptoms of over...

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