Essay on Application Letter For My Portfolio Letter

Essay on Application Letter For My Portfolio Letter

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For my portfolio letter I wish to thank everyone who impacted my education in any way and gave me motivation to keep studying because I felt like I did not have the ability nor the skills to continue my education. This course molded me into a better writer and made me enjoy writing more than anything else. The revisions that I made throughout the course allowed me to improve on my sentence structures, organize my essay, personalize my essays by creating a theme for it to revolve around, and avoid writer’s block.
I learned a few techniques that I incorporated into my essays for this course which, in turn, helped me to improve my writing skills. For instance in my first Assignment, I had to write about someone who impacted my writing and explain how they influenced me. I was able to create a clear thesis because I first wrote my body paragraphs and then created a thesis by using the topic sentences from each body paragraphs to organize my essay. This allowed me to stay on track and be more specific and detailed. However, I still struggled with including examples and evidence in such a way so that it did not sound awkward. With the constant revisions and peer review sessions, I was able to identify what made many of my examples confusing and how I could improve on it. I noticed that the lack of transitional words between my paragraphs or sentences made it confusing for the readers, since I was not connecting my thoughts to each other, to the thesis, or introducing another idea properly. As a way to avoid this issue, I began using other words like “asserts” rather than “the author mentions” to have a variety of transition words and thus make the passage flow smoothly as I emphasized on certain ideas.
In addition to my first essay, I ...

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...iate because I was able to reread my essay with fresh perspective each time. I was able to identify awkward phrases and add information to help the reader understand what I was writing about. For instance, I added the definition of LULUC for my Chiano research paper after the peer review session in order to help familiarize readers with this term and therefore understand my essay better. After the eight revisions that I made, I was confident about my research paper.
All in all, my experiences in UWP, boosted my confidence and made me enjoy writing as I was able to make constant changes to my essays. The revisions allowed me to organize my thoughts without confusing the reader and made my essay more comprehensible. I hope that these changes are evident of how I have grown as a writer. Thank you once again for encouraging me and allowing my writing skills to expand.

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