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In my writing I have seen large amounts of growth, I have learned how to better introduce all my sources as well as how to flow my ideas, as well as how unnecessary the five-paragraph essay is. Wring has become easier for me due to the fact that I now I feel understand how to write. I understand that there must be a “they say” and an “I say” in my writing. There has to be an equal balance to everything I write. For example I cannot just write a piece all about my opinions as well how, I cannot just write a piece about what others are saying without explaining the purpose of it all. English 5A has helped me overly improve my writing skills and has shown me new very important skills on how to be a better writer.
As far as I can remember I have
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No on just writes to write in the proses of writing one has a purpose, they want to inform other people with their information, and get their point across. So writing does not just come out of someone’s head as inspiration and flow on the keyboard and make an amazing paper, it takes lots reading, dissecting, and drafting.
The most meaningful thing I picked up form this class was that writing does not come from inspiration. Learning this really helped me grow as a writer, I no longer feel the pressure to come up with an inspirational piece and expect it to be golden. Also this tied in with how no writing is perfect in its first draft. I always felt my writing had to be perfect my first attempt, just as major authors or professors did. However as I learned that it talks many “shitty first drafts” to create a good piece of writing, and also then no peace of writing is ever complete.
Drafting was something I never did a lot of, I always felt that my paper had to be great the first time, or else I failed as a writer. Drafting as much as you can is important because revising is very necessary. I have seen that the more drafts you do the better your writing gets. I understand now that that you can do many things to make your writing become better, and that there is always room for
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