Apple Company Rules Vs. Apple Essay

Apple Company Rules Vs. Apple Essay

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No matter what you are buying there is always another brand similar that it is very comparable. In the electronic, cellular, computer world there are many different brands and devices that can be bought. The variety of brands ranges from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung, and many more. These brands are very comparable and all have the same purpose, but what sets them apart? One must be better and more advanced than the other, but how? Most people would say that the brand in which you like is just a personal preference or matter of opinion. Which, in my opinion, is not the case at all. Apple is the alpha brand, and is way better than any other make. Why? you may ask. The Apple Company rules both the cellular and computer market by making products that are more efficient and are higher in quality, easier to operate, and more advanced. Furthermore, if something does go wrong it is always an easy fix.
Being a previous user of both an Android and Samsung and now an iPhone holder, I can guarantee that Apple is the most efficient brand. During the time I possessed an Android and a Samsung, my cellular device would always freeze and lock itself up. The only way to get the phone back to functioning would be to remove the battery. This task was very annoying, along with time consuming. Now that I have had my iPhone, which is an Apple product, for over five years I can say I have never had this issue. My iPhone has never frozen or completely locked itself up. It has glitched before, as all products do, but nothing too extreme like my Android and Samsung. The quality all around on an iPhone is just better. The cameras are better, there are more options and effects, and the picture quality is higher. Not only is the picture quality greater, ...

... middle of paper ... phone company, U.S. Cellular. Now that I have possession of an iPhone not only can I call the U.S. Cellular Company, but I can also call the Apple Company. The customer service this company has is phenomenal. The Apple employees are top of the line, always know what they 're talking about, and are super friendly and make everything as simple as possible. Apple’s purpose is to be the best, and part of being the best is making things as easy and simple as possible for its patrons.
All-inclusive Apple is just the top-notch product. It is more user friendly and easier to handle. Samsung, Android, HP, and all of the other brands are great, and all have the same purpose, but Apple is just more advanced. They are constantly continuing their technological discoveries, and are always ahead of the competition. The other brands get the job done, but Apple does so much more.

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