iPhone Beats Android

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Technology has become a huge part of everyday life, and people seem to have one great debate and are fighting over which is the best phone, iPhone or Android. The Apple iPhone is a cellular smartphone that was created and is maintained by Apple Inc. Android is another type of smartphone that is accessible to consumers, but the operating system is powered by Google and many different companies produce Android devices. The different operating systems and interfaces have created a long and carried out debate to which was superior. iPhone is the better phone and there are many reasons as to why it is superior to its rival, Android. The iPhone’s sleek and beautiful design has users’ hands fondling the device and never putting it down. The operating system is very distinct, but is straightforward with its functionality. People who purchase the iPhone believe that they have received their money’s worth and more when owning and iPhone. The iPhone is better than Android when compared because of the beautiful design and attractive display, the operating system and its functionality, and the device’s personal worth is definitely worth the money spent to own one. The iPhone is easily better than any Android design because of the sleek and sharp design and a colorful display that attracts the widest range of consumers with interest and awe. The phone’s design has been greatly thought out and is well built for anyone. Brooke Crothers, a writer for Cnet.com, explains the simple yet artistic build of the phone, “Thinness, in my book, is the foundation for coolness. But thinness isn't just an aesthetic bonus; it can be practical too. In this case, Apple stretched out the 4S just enough to allow for a bigger screen, while making it lighter and easi... ... middle of paper ... ...ecurity steps taken to preserve the owners’ personal and priceless information. The iPhone is a better phone overall compared to any Android device because of the careful design and attractive display, the operating system and its functionality, and the security of the device itself is definitely worth the cost to own one. Apple has really outdone there self and clearly surpassed Android devices, claiming the top spot of the competition. Works Cited Crothers, Brooke. "Apple Got the IPhone 5's Physical Design Right." CNET News. CBS Interactive, 23 Sept. 2012. Web. 19 Nov. 2013. Smith, Dave. "Apple IPhone 5s Release: 5 Reasons Why It's Worth The Price To Upgrade." International Business Times. N.p., 05 Oct. 2013. Web. 15 Nov. 2013. "When Something Is Designed to Work Beautifully, It Tends to Look That Way, Too." Apple. Apple Inc., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2013.

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