Compare And Contrast Essay On Iphone Vs Android

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Have you ever wanted a phone that is personalized for you? Android was released in 2008, a year after iPhone. In 21015, there are 2.5 billion Android users worldwide, compared to roughly one billion iPhone users. The Android is better than iPhone because of customization, variety, and design. Firstly, Android is vastly customizable. One can customize anything from the text messages background, ringtone just the way you want it to the actual launcher of your phone. A home screen launcher is essentially the way you navigate through your phone and the appearance of the navigation. While you may want to leave your home screen avaible, you can also open any other app on your Android, using the multi-window function. This allows you to view and There are many different brands that produce Android smart phones. Along with different brands, as you can imagine there are an abundance of models too. So whatever you may desire in a phone, there are many different options to choose from when selecting an Android. As I stated earlier, the Google Play Store do not have many limitations on apps. This allows companies and individuals to upload and create their own apps, causing there to be more apps available to Android users. Not only are there more apps, the selection is much more broad and a desirable type of application may come in different forms over the Google Play Store. This also allows different music players to be downloaded and used. Music can easily be downloaded onto an Android and played with the many different music applications. The possibilities when it comes to music on an Android are infinite really. On the other hand, iPhone only has one brand making the phones and that is Apple. So only one company makes the phones and only releases a few models every year. So the options are much more limited and the decision is more likely to be based on the dollar amount spent on an iPhone. The App Store iPhones use is like a library that only holds bestselling authors. There are limitations set on the apps so the variety is much smaller than the Goggle Play Store and the diversity of applications is nothing compared to the Androids market. Along with being limited on

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