Essay on A Relationship Between Coach And Coachee

Essay on A Relationship Between Coach And Coachee

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Motivational speaker Tony Robbins once said, "Rapport is the ability to enter someone else 's world, to make him feel that you understand him, that you have a strong common bond". As a coach, building a rapport is the first step in developing a trusted connection with a client. A positive relationship between coach and coachee is the key to creating an environment for untapped growth potential. This paper will discuss coaching techniques to build rapport through preplanning, action, and reflection.

"Maps are essential! Planning a journey without a map is like building a house without drawings." - Mark Jenkins

The goal for the initial coaching session is to build a rapport with the coachee. According to Building rapport (2014), using the following skills will lead to a successful outcome by breaking the ice, creating a positive connection, and establishing a good relationship to foster trust.

* Find common ground. When meeting someone for the first time, finding a shared interest will help both parties feel more comfortable.
* Focus on your appearance. How you dress is a critical element in making a lasting impression. Your dress should compliment the occasion vice create a barrier of awkwardness.
* Be empathic. This action will demonstrate a willingness to recognize emotions and accept others perspective that may differ from our own.
* Mirror the other person. Ensure your body and verbal language reflect the coachee.
* Be Brilliant on the Basics. Be mindful that some of these behaviors may not be culturally acceptable.
* Firm hand shake.
* Look eye to eye.
* Smile, when appropriate.
* Head up and good posture.
* Asking open-ended questions.

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Coach: Why is this important?
* Improved understanding of company mission, vision, and philosophy
Coach: What do you want to achieve?
* Build relationships and morale
Coach: What impact will this have on the organization?
* Smooth transition of newcomers into workforce
* Reinvigorate staff commitment to company success

This paper discussed coaching techniques that build rapport through preplanning, action, and reflection. Without rapport, a coach can have a rocky start influencing a coachee. A positive relationship with their coach will foster an environment for untapped growth potential. "Our Coach leads by example, dedicated & determined, teaches teamwork, motivates & listens, builds character, challenges & develops, committed to our team, Our Biggest Fan!" - Anonymous

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