A Personal Reflection On My Life Essay

A Personal Reflection On My Life Essay

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In the words of American businessman and religious leader, Joseph B. Wirthlin, he states: “I give thanks to my Creator for this wonderful life where each of us has the opportunity to learn lessons we could not fully comprehend by any other means,” (“Wonderful Life Quotes”). I completely agree with Wirthlin’s statement and realize that life has taught myself important lessons. I believe through my responsibilities as a babysitter I learned the lesson of patience. Through food, I learned the lesson of diversity and congregation. Finally, my family taught me the lesson of unconditional love and strong values. Therefore, the three things that contribute to me being a wonderful person is my work as a babysitter, food, and my family.
First is my work as a babysitter. Growing up, I was always around children and enjoyed looking after them. Through various social settings, parties, and events I was accommodated with parents and their children. As a high school student, I needed money to do extracurricular activities and when I received my license I could become a better babysitter because I had the means to run errands and drop off and pick up the kids. Through my babysitting experience, I developed strong connections and relationships with the families I babysat for. For instance, sometimes the children I babysat, specifically the girls, would ask me questions about teenage life, boys, clothes, and other topics. Moreover, the parents of the children supported me financially as I received payments for my work and by writing me letter of recommendations to different scholarship programs. Furthermore, I also served as a role model for the children. As previously stated, I would relay advice to my girls about teenage life and other complic...

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... everyone deserves respect no matter their socio-economic state, background, appearance, sex, or any other factors. Thus, the wisdom, teachings, and values my family has instilled in me contribute to me being a wonderful person.
In conclusion, I believe I am a wonderful person for many reasons. More specifically, they are my work as a babysitter, food, and my family. My work as a babysitter strengthened my responsibility skills and made me realize that I need to set a good example for people who look up to me as a role model. Food is a major part of my life because I need it to survive and enhances my life with happiness. Above all, my family is the most important thing of making me a wonderful person because of their unconditional love, support, and teachings they have instilled me. Altogether, these three components aid me in being the wonderful person I am today.

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