Personal Essay: Honesty

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Honesty is basically friendship. It is important to have an honest friendship, because it you don’t then pretty much the entire friendship would be based on a lie. If you aren’t honest to your best friend, or the person who you’re closest to then are you even honest with yourself? Imagine that your best friend was you. Would you want them to be dishonest to you.

If you are an honest friend then you don’t really have anything to hide. If you aren’t an honest friend are you hiding something? Maybe you’re trying to keep your friend safe, or you could be scared that you will disappoint them. In a friendship you want trust. If you are honest to someone then you trust them.

Without honesty is it a real friendship at all? Some people could be scared to disappoint their friends, For some people it is hard to trust. When you have a hard time trusting people, You also have a hard time being honest. It takes some time to be open with someone. When you get a friend that you can trust you should be honest with them, a lot of good friends don’t just pop out of nowhere. Lies and rumors can hurt people. If you have a friend who isn’t true and honest, should you even be friends with them? When people start rumors and lie to you they aren’t good friends. You shouldn’t put yourself through something that you know can hurt you.
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I can trust her with everything, and I can be honest with her. Even though I have trouble trusting people. Ryleigh and I can talk about anything, because we trust each other. I have a rough past. It’s hard for me to share things with people. It took me awhile to tell her what i’ve been through. I thought it would disappoint her. That she wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who has my