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Personal Statement I began to get fascinated by our capitalist world’s economy at a very early age of my life. Growing up, I was incredibly curious to unravel how systems function, and this curiosity developed into a burning desire to learn how processes and organizations operate and run our world. As I started my first job, I realized how much I needed to be better acquainted with the science of money making and the scientific approaches to money management. Later on in my life, being within a company system, I wanted to see the big picture by learning where such a company stands in the midst of all other business interactions locally and internationally. Being involved in the company’s practices I started analyzing the methods used by my managers, the causes and consequences of their managerial choices. In my free time, I used to read books, journal articles, magazines and watch political and analytical business TV shows driven by my desire to gain a profound understanding of the…show more content…
I like to read books which teach practical techniques and how to develop my skills. I loved the book Drive by Daniel H Pink, which explores a new way of thinking about motivation and how I could be motivated to work and succeed relentlessly and constantly. Another book that I really appreciate is how to increase performance and profit through full engagement by R Karsan and K Kruse, the book teaches managers to learn how to increase employee engagement in order to run profitable, successful businesses with happy employees. I have completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, the program was a blend of mathematics, physical sciences and business applications. Whilst pursuing my Bachelor degree I worked for Rimth Company LTD, a contracting and trading private company, for three

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